Explore Southern Madagascar - custom guided trips for groups & individuals, exploring towns & villages, enjoying the best hiking, surfing, snorkeling & beachesKorobo Tours is a local tour company whose aim is to bring open trail tourism and green travel to the south of Madagascar. We give visitors the chance to experience both the rich culture as well as the incredibly unique biodiversity of Madagascar, particularly in the Spiny Forest which is an ecoregion in the southwest of Madagascar containing an outstanding proportion of endemic plant species.

Our guides have completed the guide training course with ANGAP, Madagascar’s national park service, which has enhanced their skills in ecotourism. They have studied the flora and fauna of Madagascar, Malagasy cultural traditions, guiding techniques, and are first aid qualified.  

Our guides have previously worked with the non-profit organization Azafady for their pioneer volunteer scheme. Here they enhanced their English speaking skills and learned more about environmental conservation and community development. We have guided groups from the UK, Australia, Germany, the USA, Colombia, China, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, France and many more places.

We love showing visitors the cultural and ecological sights of our homeland so
contact us to arrange your visit to magical Madagascar!

info @ korobotours .com

MAD: +261 34 681 8632

UK: +44 (0)79 6009 6068

What's the story behind the name Korobo? When visitors arrive in the Spiny Forest they are offered the sweetness of milk called habobo and this milk is traditionally kept in a gourd called the Korobo!

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