Suggested: 8 days

Anosy is a region in southeastern Madagascar where the ancient hills separate the dry spiny forest from the rain forest. Korobo Tours offers a trip along the Ambolo and Ambato trails in the Anosy region. The Ambolo trail is part of the rainforest which is home to the brown lemur. Here you can do some 'Tsitongamabarika' hiking which to locals means 'a place so steep the lemurs can't climb'. This also promises stunning views. The area produces lots of the rice for towns such as Fort Dauphin, as well as vanilla, the lychee fruit and coffee! The Ambato trail takes us through the Nahampoana Reserve, which is home to every lemur species native to the south of Madagascar. The trails also take in the Lokaro beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Madagascar.



Day One

We spend a day touring the town of Fort Dauphin which includes walking around the Tanamboa market, checking out the Anosy museum, visiting the local village of Amparihy and the fishing village of Ampotatse where you can see how the locals make their living. We finish up the day with an evening swim at Libanona beach where we listen to music provided by a local band and eat some delicious local food prepared by Claude. Accommodation is provided by a hotel in town who give discounted rates to Korobo Tours guests.

Day Two

We cycle 15km along the east coast with views of the rolling Anosy hills. We make our way to Sanite-Louis where we can walk around the village, relax by the beach and stay the night.

Day Three

The Bay of Sainte-Louis is known as the place where French pioneers landed between the 16th and 17th century. Most of the pioneers died of malaria after being bitten by mosquitos, so the remaining pioneers moved towards the coastal town of Fort Dauphin. This is the center of the Anosy region and the French influence can still be seen in the architecture of the city. In the morning, we walk to the littoral forest where we find the collared brown lemurs (Eulemur collaris). The afternoon is spent on La plage des pêcheurs, an amazing beach where you can watch the traditional fishermen at work. In the evening we head out to spot the nocturnal mouse lemur, the smallest primate in the world. It is thought that lemurs arrived on Madagascar by floating on mats of foliage from Africa to the nearby island.

Day Four

We're back on the bike for a 25km cycle from Sainte-Louis to Andramanaka village. This part of the trip gets a little more adventurous as the road becomes a little less used and you may have to carry your bike across a bridge or two. Along the way we visit more Antanosy homes and Claude will tell you about all the different tribes in the area. This will include checking out the local cemetery and learning about the tribes' beliefs on burial and afterlives. The friendly people of the village love to meet tourists in this less-traveled part of the world and you are warmly welcomed for some local fare such as cassava. At night we are entertained by a group of musicians in Andramanaka.

Day Five

We hike through the Tsitongabarika rain forest for approximately 7 hours. We rise early at 6am and set up camp in the middle of the forest for lunch. Walking up this trail you see why Madagascar used to be called the 'Green Island'. From the top of the trail you can see the Indian Ocean and the panoramic views are breathtaking. Along the trail we might even get lucky and see some lemurs swinging along the vines of the trees. We camp in the forest for the night and dinner is prepared by Claude.

Day Six

Tsitongabarika to Nono Be village:

This is another day of walking for approximately 5 hours. We start to move into the Ambolo region where, if its in the right season (Nov-Dec), you see people working in the rice fields, the coffee trees as well as the lychee and mango trees. We camp in Nono Be village where both lunch and dinner are prepared by Korobo Tours.

Day Seven

Nono Be village to Ranomafana commune:

We begin to reach the end of our tour of the Antanosy region and in Ranamafana, there is a hot spring where you can relax after a few long days of walking. We stay in a local hotel where we also have lunch and dinner.

Day Eight

We make our way back to Fort Dauphin and this time you get to enjoy the views of the Ambolo region and Tsitongabarika forest from the comfort of the 4x4 vehicle. Once back in Fort Dauphin, we celebrate the end of our tour with dinner on the beach while being entertained by a local band.

Day Nine and Ten

Your last days are spent in Fort Dauphin wandering around the town, enjoying the market or the beach, or flying back to Tana.

For the 8 day tour, cost = approximately EUR€1,936/UK£1,600 for a one-person tour.

For the 8 day tour, cost = approximately EUR€1,456/UK£1,200 per person based on a group of 5 people.

Prices are negotiable based on number of people in the group and the exact itinerary

Depending on the itinerary cost normally includes:

  • Car rental and gasoline
  • Bike rental
  • Drinking water
  • Most meals and accommodation
  • Nahampoana national park fee
  • Pirogue (fishing boat) trip
  • Tour guiding fees

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MAD: Richard Tatiarimanana +261 32 63 522 20 or +216 34 40 049 99

UK: +44 (0)79 6009 6068

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