madagascarWe have a few trips outlined, or you can talk to us about what you'd like to see and we will create a personalized itinerary just for you! Check out the suggested itineraries in our Trips menu and read testimonials below from previous clients of Korobo Tours.


Air Madagascar flies into Tolagnaro, also known as Fort Dauphin which is where our sample tours begin. Check out their websiteKorobo Tours for scheduled flights from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and where most international flights arrive into. Make sure to contact the Madagascar consulate closest to your home country regarding visa requirements for your visit.


During the tours, we often stay in tents if we're overnighting in a village or in lovely hotels if we're in a town. For the evenings that we spend in the village, we are able to cook some delicious local dishes over the fire, with rice often being a main staple in the Malagasy diet. When we stay in bigger towns, we visit a restaurant for some local fare. There are lots of places along the way to pick up snacks and drinks for the road, especially fresh fruit.


Our modes of transport vary and include a 4x4 jeep, a zebu cart ride, a taxi brousse and even a pousse-pousse which is a person-drawn rickshaw. At all times your safety is our utmost concern and we always do everything possible to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip! We encourage everyone to have travel insurance organized beforehand.



Currency: Ariary (Ar)

Time: GMT + 1

Electricity: 220V

International Phone Code: +261



Hello = Manao ahoana (pronounced ‘Mano oown’)

Goodbye = Veloma (‘Veloom’)

Thank you = Misaotra (‘Misowtr’)

Please = Azafady (‘Azafad’)

No problem = Tsy maninona (‘Tsi Manin’)

Comments from Danielle, a previous client:

Korobo Tours - MadagascarA few friends and I decided we would do a Korobo Tour on a free day that we had (20th April 2011), and I’m glad we did! From the drive there to the drive back I had a fantastic time and saw some truly beautiful things. The driver even stopped several times on the way for us all to look at chameleons he had miraculously spotted along the way! The Spiny Forest is a place beyond words, and no pictures could ever convey the rare beauty of the sights that are to be seen. From the river, to the massive pool underneath the waterfall which we could all swim in, to the plants that are endemic to Madagascar, it was all stunning.

Claude, our guide really knew his stuff, giving us both the scientific and the colloquial names for the fauna and also telling us what they were used for in a remedial context. One would never cease to be interested on this tour, and there is always something new to look at, something you might never see again!

Korobo Tours - MadagascarThe walk wasn't too strenuous and could be undertaken by pretty much anybody, it is not something that one needs to be fighting fit to do, most of us were wearing flip flops, so it would definitely suit anybody. Every part of the day was enjoyable, from eating cactus fruit on the journey there, to seeing the sheer beauty of the Spiny forest, to the magnificent mountain views on the journey home. I would definitely recommend this tour to anybody!

Also, on a side note, myself and a friend were having trouble in the Air Madagascar office before we left for the tour, as our flights had to be changed. The guy we were communicating with didn’t have a lot of English, therefore Claude came into help us, and managed to get it sorted for us, talking with the guy and translating both sides of the conversation, even though he was going out of his way to help us.

When we got back to Fort Dauphin he brought us to the office so that we could pick up the new tickets that had been sorted for us. We were extremely grateful for this, had he not have helped us we would probably still be in the office trying to communicate!

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